1st Harvest Picture of 2010

by wnydeerhunter on November 23, 2010

This is a 11 point buck taken in Newstead NY yesterday. Weighed in at 169 lbs, 146 on Boone Crokett. [Robert Snyder]

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Joe servello December 3, 2010 at 2:49 am

nice buck… love to have the story for the site..


Bob Snyder March 29, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Good Morning Joe,
I am the person in the picture of the 1st harvest of the year. You asked for my story and here it is for you.
I have a very close friend of over 20 years and we both watched our boys grow up together. A few years ago his son enlisted into the military and he lost his hunting partner. So being the avid hunter I am and not to mention my son also we took him in to be a part of our hunting group.
We use to hunt our property in Gerry NY and recently his son returned from his active duty.
His relation owns property in Newstead NY and gave him permission to hunt there property. He invited my son and I to join him and his son to hunt with them. The weekend before opening day I took my 4 wheeler up to the property (over 100 acres) to get a lay out of the land and to pick out our spots out. I found this natural trail that showed active signs of deer activity.
He couldn’t hunt on opening day so we planned a hunt for the day after. My father passed away four years ago and he left me his 40 year old 870 wingmaster with a wide view wever scope. Mind you I own one myself but I felt compelled to use my dads. I took it out and sighted it in and felt very sure of it.
Now it’s Sunday morning, no snow on the ground, full belly from breakfast and I am sitting in my spot. The four wheeler is covered away from me and the wind is at my back. I receive a text from my son Daniel asking me if I am in my spot. I replied I was indeed in my spot. He said he is driving down to his spot with my friends son and a MONSTER ran in front of them and it is coming in behind me. I advised him to leave me alone and I will be ready.
I heard the Buck behind me about 50 yards away tearing the trees apart. It went on for 30 minutes or so. I was sitting there not sure where the deer was going and not spook it I waited.
All of a sudden I heard the leaves rustling to my right and thru the cat tails I seen a image walking thru with its head down. I seen the body size and realized it was huge.
After it cleared the cat tails and was in the opening I had already raised the gun and was sizing up the deer. Then it hit me that it was indeed the buck and it never knew I was sitting there. After it cleared the cat tails I put the cross hairs on the right shoulder and I pulled the trigger. It bolted off to the main path and disappeared. I sat there 15 to 20 minutes to let the Buck go lay down somewhere. I walked towards were I shot which was only 30 yards and didn’t see any blood.
I followed it to the path and it left a 2 foot skid mark in the mud but left a clear trail for me to follow.
I text my son to tell him I shot the monster and he said he was already on his way.
I finally found a 2 inch blood trail 20 some yards down the path. As I walked further the blood trail got larger and thicker. Then I heard another shot and my heart dropped. I lost a 10 pointer two years prior that I shot with my dads gun to a teenager.
Well I finally walked about 70 yards and did some hard looking and there it was. 10 yards laying into the trees and it was a beautiful site. I took a picture and text it to my son.
After my son and I field dressed the deer I found out it was my friend who had shot and he got a 3 pointer. It was sparing with another buck in a field and he watched and waited for it to finish and walk away. Funny thing is he forgot to load his gun in the excitement and he had aim and pulled the trigger. Yup no bullets in the chamber. He pulled one out of his pocket and shot the deer. It was a wonderful day pulling both deer out and the best thing of all is it was with great people and also to shoot it with my fathers gun.
I won two contests. One on a local radio station and the other with my club. Wilson Conservation Club in Wilson New York.
I have a current picture of the deer mounted if you want it.

Happy Hunting,


Michigan Hunter September 7, 2011 at 9:12 am

Just getting pumped for the 2011 season and happened upon your post. I don’t typically think of NY as being big buck country but looks like you showed me just the opposite. Nice Buck! Looks like nice country too.


Richard Demello July 24, 2012 at 4:26 pm

Its a great buck. Thank you for posting the pictures. Its indeed a good one to post.


Brian Beer August 17, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Congrats. I wish I could get a buck like that.


Ben March 2, 2013 at 6:46 pm

Nice Buck!


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